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Take advantage of all the growth potential your products or services offer

You think about expanding into new markets but lack resources, time or in-depth market knowledge?

Are you looking for ways to acquire new clients and grow your sales with low costs and efforts associated?

You want to make sure to obtain the highest ROI and minimize or exclude any risk within your venture?

Let MAGIO help and assist you in adding new revenue streams, expanding your business, grow revenue and market share!

  • First of all, we perform a cost free quick audit assessing your current situation, needs and goals.

  • Furthermore, we will study, analyse and verify options to expand into new markets you are not positioned yet or want to grow further and get more traction.

  • As a result, you’ll receive a first proposal about your growth expansion strategy where MAGIO itself or a network Partner could support.

  • By leveraging innovative methods and a systematic approach, we speed-up your acquisition process and grow your sales pipeline to boost your conversion rate.

  • The services offered will help increase efficiency as well as effectiveness within your growth activity and expansion projects envisioned, too.

Working with MAGIO you’ll receive results and execution support with low investments and low efforts involved – not recommendations only!


Based on a pragmatic, agile, hands-on approach using innovative methods & customized towards your needs


Assessment, strategy definition and action planning to spot the best and most cost-effective way to expand into a new or within an already positioned market


Market "soft-landing" support from research, evaluation till resolution support linked to any national or local pre-requisite to set-up your business

Sales Go-to-Market

Hands-on sales execution support including high-level face-to-face introductions to potential clients or new business partners locally

Lead Generation

Identify and qualify the best targets you should be doing business with and refill constantly your sales pipeline with new leads you can convert into new business

Marketing Support

From localising your sales and marketing collaterals till creation of content and execution of messaging campaigns that convince your targets to engage with you

Local Networking

Increase business visibility via local trade shows, events or social media channels to showcase your offering and generate more awareness and deals​

Project Lead

Business project lead including business strategy ownership assignment especially within Health Care, Business Information and IT Service industry projects

Project Management

IT Project co-ordination and management of cross-functional teams starting from setting-up a feasibility study till implementation and go to production

Data Manage Optimize

Use the right data in the right way at the time to the right addressees with a clean and optimized data management approach starting with data on boarding


Developing new or growing existing business from strategy definition till go-to-market and sales


20 years of experience in transforming data into actionable insights, services and solutions supporting decision making processes, strategies and activities to grow businesses


Multilingual, creative, analytical, team player and leader with international experience in managing senior-level relationships, franchise partnerships, strategic alliances, cross-functional teams and global projects


Target groups supported via solutions and services provided cover Sales, Marketing, Risk, Supply and Compliance Managers throughout all kinds of industries and levels globally


Managed successfully 7-8 digits' revenue budgets (€) with yearly double digit growth targets within the Business Information or Health Care Services industry while increasing efficiency or effectiveness at the same time, too

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